Dagmar Kovar


I was born and raised in Bohemia, the very heart of Europe. There, in Prague, I studied chemistry for my original profession. Only later on, when I moved to Canada, I changed my focus and started a practice in art.

I work with fibers – mostly wool and silk. They are an endless source of my inspiration and often an initial reason for my works. They make an integral part of my pieces. Their nature itself - strength, vulnerability, and perishability, together with their historical connection to humanity, represent the voice of my work.

My inspiration comes from observation of everyday life, poetry, research, workshops and courses I took, countless experiments and mistakes I make, and, of course, my love for fibers and the human soul.

Since 2000, I presented my work in a number of national and international exhibitions. The entry in Common Thread,  2007 (Oakville, ON) was awarded Best of Contemporary Work.

Most recently, my work has been accepted into four major international art exhibitions: From Lausanne to Beijing, 2012 (Nantong, China); THREADSpace, World of Threads Festival, 2012 (Toronto, ON); Quiet Zone World of Threads Festival, 2012 (Oakville, ON) and Triennial of Textile 2012, (Slovak Republic, Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic).

I now live and work in London, Ontario, Canada